Devotee, el nuevo disco de Miten

Miten publicará su nuevo álbum el 25oct​

«Devotee» es el título del nuevo álbum que Miten publicará el próximo mes de octubre, y nos lo presenta con este «Eyes/Ocean» que ya puedes disfrutar. 

“Namaste friends – I am so happy to be able to share this track with you. The title, Eyes/Ocean, doesn’t really say it. Maybe ‘An Ocean Refuses No River’ would be more appropriate. For me, this is a redemptive song of acceptance and gratitude, built on a low tempo Temple Band groove that grew out of a spontaneous moment in the studio – it rolls and swirls like a river making its way to the ocean. I hope it inspires and deepens your meditation. Basically, that’s the whole point of my music. Love, Miten”

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